Zero Harm

Topdrive Drillers has a “Zero Harm” culture, and makes the safety of all staff, clients and contractors an absolute priority. By ensuring that safety has an equal value to production, Topdrive Drillers encourages all parties involved to operate in a safe and responsible manner, respecting each other as well as the environment.

All employees understand that working safely and reporting any incidents form part of Topdrive Drillers’ safety culture. All new materials, products and equipment are assessed in terms of risk factors to health, safety and environment. Management creates the safest possible environment by implementing training and procedures to prevent risks and injuries, complying with all OHS legislation and creating and maintaining safe working practices and back all our field staff 100% to ensuring they return home safe.


Our Culture

What is a company built around culture!

Culture is defined as “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively”

Here at TDA we have a family orientated culture, we are like one big family we give all our employees the right to develop their skills, learn in a safe and equal opportunity atmosphere. We treat each other with respect and care whilst ensuring we are all accountable at all levels.
As a family we maintain a positive attitude towards completing every task, drilling program or utilizing every piece of equipment to our fullest potential and allowing new and innovative ideas to come through our personnel.

Our people are critical to all that we are, and do, they are the back bone of our business and form the core intellect of our culture within the business. The partnerships we build, both employees and clients – locally and internationally, are central to maintaining our high standard of safety that allows us to operate and maintain success within the industry. Our continued delivery and dedication to every client builds trust with our clients to ensure their ongoing commitment to us as their preferred contractor continues long into the future.