When we purchased the company in 2018 one of the rig’s was in need of a big birthday. After close inspection of the machine we noticed some sections on the lower side of the drill mast had been compromised, 90% of the hydraulic hoses needed replacing and all the safety guarding around the mast was pretty much serviceable.

Upon further inspection we checked the engine, hydraulic motors and pumps, along with the Moorooka tracks they were all in really good condition. This was a relief as we thought we may of acquired a pile of scrap metal.

We started to strip back the paint to help expose the troubled areas underneath. We then engaged an experienced contract boilermaker who has been completing all the structural replacements and fabricating new safety guards in preparation for NDT testing.

Currently to date we have repaired several sections and added a rod spinner to help eliminate the use of stilsons on the rig to break out drill pipe. The rig is now in getting prepped for painting.

We will update progress as things get completed.